Board of Governors (DRAFT with Job Ad)

The Board of Governors, as the College's governing body, manages and administers the affairs of the College.

Composition: 21 members - 4 members selected from each of the 4 sectors (2 employee and 2 employer representatives); 4 members selected from the general public (no affiliation with a College of Applied Arts and Technology or a trade); 1 member representing colleges of applied arts and technology.

Representing Employer Employee Total Maximum Size
Construction Sector 0 0 0 4
Industrial Sector 0 0 0 4
Motive Power Sector 0 1 0 4
Service Sector 0 0 0 4
Public     0 4
College of Applied Arts & Technology     0 1


Posting Date:


Closing Date

3 weeks from posting


Ontario College of Trades

Position Title:




Competition #



The Appointments Council (AC) branch of the College of Trades Appointments Council and Classification Roster (COTACCR) is seeking applications for individuals to serve as a member of the Ontario College of Trades’ (College) Board of Governors (Board).


The College is a professional regulatory body established with a legislated mandate to regulate and promote the practice of skilled trades, govern its members, establish apprenticeship programs, and address compliance and enforcement matters.


The Board is composed of 21 members appointed by the AC branch and includes two employee and two employer representatives from each of the construction, industrial, motive power and service trade sectors; four members representing the public; and one member selected as representing Ontario’s colleges of applied arts and technology.


·        An experienced leader with the ability to set strategic direction and oversee implementation of plans to deliver efficient, effective and high quality services.

·        Knowledge of and commitment to sound governance practices.

·        Effective communication, negotiation, consultation, team-building and interpersonal skills.

·        Demonstrated accountability and integrity in personal and professional dealings and decision-making.

·        Understanding of sound financial and operational business processes and practices.

·        Knowledge of the Ontario College of Trades and/or apprenticeship and trades certification.

·        Understanding of the context in which the College operates and/or its community, the interests of stakeholders and the public, as well as a general understanding of the College’s objectives in this regard, or the ability to acquire such understanding.


Per legislated requirements, appointment is for an initial term of up to three years and may be renewed. No member may serve for more than six consecutive years but a member is eligible for reappointment after one year’s absence from the Board.

Time Commitment:

The Board is required to meet a minimum of six times each year. Members may be required to represent the College at events and are expected to serve on one or more of the Board’s 12 committees.


The per diem rate for Members is $250

The per diem rate for the Chair of the Board of Governors is $450

More Information:

To learn more about the Ontario College of Trades, please go to


To learn more about the College of Trades Appointments Council and Classification Roster please go to {website to be modified}

The AC branch ensures recruitment and selection are conducted in an open, fair, and transparent manner. Per legislated requirements, the AC branch must take into account, across all  appointments to the College, the importance of reflecting: Ontario's English and French duality; the diversity of Ontario's population; gender balance; representation from unionized and non-unionized and from large, medium and small business environments; and the various geographic areas of Ontario. Board of Governors members are required to adhere to the College’s Code of Conduct posted on the College’s website:

The application form and information about how to apply are available at All applications, including a resume and signed application form, quoting the competition number 1702B-00x must be received by the closing date and be addressed to:

The Appointments Council Branch
400 University Avenue, 12th Floor
Toronto, ON M7A 1T7

Telephone: 416-326-3289; 416-326-3657; 416-326-3290 


We thank all interested applicants, and receipt of all applications will be acknowledged. Applicants will be assessed against the qualification criteria and will be advised of the appointment decision.


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