Application Process - All Boards and the Roster of Adjudicators

The Appointments Council is seeking to fill all vacant positions, which are listed in the Vacancies tab, in a timely manner. While currently there are no application deadlines, applicants who delay their submissions may be disappointed to find their preferred position already filled.

Interested persons may also apply for filled positions in anticipation of an opportunity becoming available. You may find information on current appointees' term end-dates helpful.

For All Applications:

If you require a disability related accommodation in order to participate in the application and appointment process, please Contact Us for assistance.

Steps for Submitting an Application

  1. 1. Review Position Descriptions.
  2. 2. Fill out the Application Form. (If you are experiencing issues opening the form, please right click the link and select "Save link As..." to save it to your hard drive and open the document from there)
    • All Trade Board, Divisional Board and all Sector-Representative Board of Governors and Adjudicator applicants must specify either EMPLOYEE or EMPLOYER perspective representative (section 1).
    • Trade Board applications must specify the trade board name, not a trade name.  A list of Trade Boards and the trades which comprise them may be found here.
    • Check to ensure all mandatory sections have been completed.
    • SAVE the form.
    • PRINT out the application and SIGN section 12.
  3. 3. Submit your RESUME and your SIGNED APPLICATION by one of the methods, below.



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