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Welcome to the web-home of the College of Trades Appointments Council (the Council) - a non-board governed regulatory agency of the Ontario Government.


The Council, independent of the Ontario College of Trades, is charged with the duty of seeking out and appointing candidates to positions within the College’s governance structure (Board of Governors, Divisional Boards, Trade Boards and roster of adjudicators).

Individuals selected for appointment may serve terms of up to three years. However, individuals may not serve more than six consecutive years without taking a one year break from their appointed board or the roster. These positions are part time. Members are generally expected to meet a few times (Trade Boards) to several times (Board of Governors) per year (see “Position Details” for more information).

The Ontario College of Trades is a self-governing body created to protect public interest by regulating and promoting Ontario’s skilled trades and apprenticeship system.

The Council makes all appointments to the College’s:

• twenty-one member Board of Governors,

• four divisional boards (representing the construction, industrial, motive power and service sectors) each of which has a chair (selected from the Board of Governors) and four additional members comprised equally of employers and employees,

• trade boards (for a trade or group of trades) comprised equally of employers and employees, and

• roster of adjudicators who review, in a neutral and impartial manner, journeyperson to apprentice ratios, and whether a trade should be compulsory or voluntary.

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STATUS - All Positions
The Council is accepting all applications whether a position is currently filled or not. Open positions are listed in the Vacancies page.

Upcoming Appointment Term End Dates
The following is a list of upcoming appointment end dates up to December 31, 2016 for Board of Governors, Divisional and Trade Boards and Roster of Adjudicators positions

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